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The dream house? For foreigners it is on Lake Como
Fri 16 Mar 2018

The dream house? For foreigners it is on Lake Como

That the "Lake Como" brand is now as precious in the world as that of Ferrari, we certainly do not find it today. But it is also true that in recent years the high level of satisfaction with Lake Como abroad is increasingly important and widespread. Everywhere, in fact, we read about how a house on the Lario is desired: it is no coincidence that the Sole 24 Ore has recently reminded us that as for foreigners, the dream house is "Lake Como" branded.

Not just luxury villas, because the attractiveness of our territory has long since become the favorite destination to get married. To remember him, in this new occasion, is the prestigious American newspaper Chicago Tribune, which in a large article dedicated to the 9 places in the world where to say the fateful "yes", put Italy and Lake Como in first place, in front of for example, to the golden beaches of Santa Barbara in California, to the Sintra-Cascais Park in Portugal, to Cancun in Mexico, to Costa Rica, to Florida, to the Caiman. Asked by the newspaper, the "wedding destinations" expert, Alison Laesser-Keck, has pleasantly explained: "Italy is undoubtedly the most popular location.It is incredible how many requests we receive in this regard. in Italy it is always the Lake of Como. Only to arrive there can seem like a romantic adventure .. Fly to Milan, get on a train, get on a boat, and you feel like you are immersed in the middle of nowhere. "

 The data reported by the Sole 24 Ore speak for themselves, Lake Como is driving Lombardy in second place as a destination for a second dream home among foreigners. In 2017, increases in demand for properties in Italy increased by 23.68% compared to the previous year, which increased fourfold, analyzing the 2012 data.
A trend that has, as mentioned, a real locomotive in the "Lake Como" brand. In fact, if Tuscany remains a classic of international desires, it is Lombardy that has risen to second place in the standings thanks to Lario, which in 2017 saw purchase requests increase by 52.77%, against an increase of 20, 98% of Tuscany. As the prestigious financial daily reports, then follow Liguria (+ 14.73%), Puglia (+ 15.65%) and Sardinia (+ 23.12%). But that's not all, from the research emerges an even more important fact for our territory: "More than just regions, it is correct to talk about areas, which are identified as real brands. Como, followed by Salento, Valle d'Itria, Lunigiana and Maremma and Chianti ". Strong data, with respect to which we must also meditate in the city.