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Luxury Villas in Italy
Wed 13 Jun 2018

Luxury Villas in Italy

A study on the recent trend in the Luxury Property market in Italy shows that the demand for luxury homes by foreigners is experiencing a trend anything but negative.

Whether for the decline in prices, which is why our country - with its beautiful scenery, the thousand-year tradition of food and wine, shopping opportunities between the chic boutiques and the vestiges of a culture always been very popular in the world - still manages to have a certain charm of American, European and Asian countries, in every case the search of luxury homes in Italy knows no checkpoints.

Luxury Villas in Italy: the international market

But who are the foreigners seeking home in Italy aiming at the luxury sector? Foremost among the potential buyers of the wonders of our house are Americans, surely thanks to Hollywood stars that make us an excellent advertising.

As for the Europeans, our first fans are Swiss and French, followed by the UK people, by the Germans and Russians, although today they are also growing buyers from emerging countries such as Saudi Arabia, UAE and Brazil.

The request by the Americans, British and German is not surprising, since the populations from countries with a continental climate have always been attracted by the mild Mediterranean climate and the sweetness of its scenery.

Holiday Villas in Italy

Among the most requested types of real estate, in the first place are definitely the homes for the holidays: are many foreigners who dream to spend periods of vacation or longer in a dream villa on the lakes of northern Italy, on the beaches of Sardinia and Sicily, the boutiques of Milan or breathing the air of an ancient civilization in the ruins of Herculaneum and Pompeii, in Rome or in Etruria.

Castles in Italy

And, speaking of antiquity, the most coveted category of property by foreigners in the luxury sector is the castle. However the number of castles for sale in Italy is - understandably - lower than that of villas, properties and luxury apartments, often for comfort and beauty have nothing to envy to a castle, indeed: commit less and are more easy management.

But the figure for the search of castles has a specific meaning to the real estate agent: in fact it clearly indicates that the application is oriented towards the past, to culture, to the history and tradition of our country that foreigners of all the world envies us. Somehow, a holiday in Italy for a foreigner is like taking a trip back in time, and buy an old house or a castle is a way not only to impress your guests, but also to feel closer to the cultural heritage and the glorious past of our country, which at the same time will increase the value of the property over time.

Luxury holidays in the North of Italy

Much to do in terms of political and bureaucratic for the enhancement of this unique heritage, which nowadays seems to be appreciated more by foreigners than by Italians. However it is important to note that some areas are to be increasingly sensitive to the issue of exploitation and reception of foreigners: it is mainly the northern regions to show a greater sensitivity to the needs of foreigners and, perhaps because of greater proximity other European countries, a character more akin makes communication easier.

For this reason there are many Italian and foreign buyers who come to the agency Real estate Bene Habitare, based in Como, along via A. Volta, n. 62, to search for luxury homes in Italy. Charming villas, Farmhouses in Tuscany, Castles, Mansions, Luxury Real Estate Apartments are just some of the categories dealt with Real Estate agency active on Lake Como but also in the rest of Italy, in nearby Switzerland and Europe.

If you are looking for Luxury Villas in Italy please contact us at the telephone number +39 031.240063 or e-mail our multilingual staff will be happy to help in the search.