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Villas for rent Lake Como: an unforgettable holiday
Wed 13 Jun 2018

Villas for rent Lake Como: an unforgettable holiday

Why for centuries many people have chosen to spend their holidays on Lake Como? What makes a holiday in a  Villa on the lake an object much disputed?

Holiday on Lake Como: elite tourism

Third largest Lake in Italy as an extension but for the first length of the coast - which stretch over 170 kilometers, Lake Como is characterized by rugged and mountainous shores that have kept away the mass tourism that characterizes such large tracts of lake Garda, standing out as the holiday destination of intellectuals, aristocrats, artists and lovers of discretion and the slow tourism.

Holiday on Lake Como: Nature and Culture

The shores of Lake Como are characterized by an alternation of small picturesque villages and luxurious ancient Villas with lush gardens often open to the public. From the Renaissance splendor of the Villa d'Este in Cernobbio, to Comacina island, now uninhabited medieval fortress where you can admire the ruins of the Basilica of St and the church of San Giovanni, into the nature reserve Pian di Spagna, between the lake of Mezzola and Lake Como where in spring and autumn you can witness the migration of birds such as the Spluga and the Heron, the wonders to be admired during a holiday on Lake Como are countless.

Holiday on Lake Como: why choose the rent?

Whether you come from far or near from Como, the solution of the rent has many advantages: it is non-binding option that allows you to live peacefully your vacation on the Lake without having to worry about anything.

If, like many others before you decide to stay longer and after the holiday Villa you will want look them up for sale, the Real Estate Bene Habitare will again be available to you at the telephone number +39 031.240063, e-mail: or at our office in via A. Votla, n. 62 in Como.

Holiday Villas on Lake Como

The habit of going on holiday on Lake Como dates back to a very distant in time, as well as the rest of the traces of the earliest human settlements in this area: the area surrounding the major reservoir in the center of the current Lombardy was in fact inhabited since prehistoric times, as evidenced by the finds of the Golasecca civilization from the Bronze Age, and now preserved in the necropolis of the Ca 'Morta at the Civic Museum of Como.

Lake Como Resort: from the ancient Romans to the present day

However, we must wait until the Roman period for the foundation of Novum Comum, military center fortified and surrounded by walls from which the Roman troops were leaving the conquest of the territories beyond the Alps walking along the Ancient Via Regina, which connected Como and Germany going up the Lario, the valleys of Spuga, the Mera, Valtellina and Val Chiavenna and going through the steps of Spuga, the Maloya and Bernina.

Always goes back to the Augustan also the phenomenon of tourism on Lake Como, favored by the mild climate and the idyllic beauty of the landscape: the fact Lario began to rise the progenitor of the current holiday homes in Roman times.

The costume of the holiday on Lake Como came into vogue among the wealthy and noble families with the Renaissance, when the humanist Paolo Giovio Como did make a villa dedicated to the Muses, in their honor called Museum.

From the second half of the sixteenth century, it was mainly the most prestigious Milanese families to colonize the shores of Lake Como with what might be considered the forerunners of the current homes for the holidays: the sixteenth and seventeenth century date back to the Villa Pliniana in Torno, Villa Gallio in Gravedona, Villa Gallia in Como and Villa Balbiano in Ossuccio, all wonderful examples of luxury villas decorated with frescoes, paintings and art objects, now sadly lost in most cases.

Holiday Villa Lake Como: Celebrities and ordinary people

In these places devoted to leisure and social life found themselves aristocrats, writers, musicians and important to the policy of the time, a bit 'in the same way that today the Hollywood celebrities come together at Villa Oleandra and around.

But they are not only singers, actors and directors to choose to spend their holidays on Lake Como: many families have decided to buy or rent a holiday home on Lake Como, to enjoy the exceptional climate and peaceful paradise, for hiking and water sports, to relax and refresh the spirit by visiting ancient villas, parks, gardens and museums open to the public, to socialize in a refined tasting the wines and dishes that have made Italy famous in the world.

Lake Como Villas rental

Renting a villa on Lake Como is the best way to spend a restful and restorative immersed in a charming nature, without renouncing to entertainment and opportunities for cultural enrichment offered by the city.

If it is undeniable that are especially foreigners - mostly from the United States or Europe North - to choose the solution of a rented house on Lake Como, you can likewise say that tourism in the Lakes Region has always also attracted many Italians, especially vacationers arriving from neighboring regions.

Vacation rental on Lake Como

The attractions offered by the Lake Como are indeed countless: the possibility of water sports to the nearby mountains where hiking and breathe fresh air; by the presence of museums, cinemas, theaters, restaurants and cafes of the most romantic of Italy to breathtaking views; from mild and pleasant climate all year round to its proximity to the major cities of northern Italy and Switzerland; tranquility to social life, there is no single, couple and family who can not spend a pleasant holiday on Lake Como.

Rentals Lake Como: real estate agency Well Habitare

And to make sure you spend a pleasant and smoothly, the best choice is to contact the estate agent Bene Habitare to rent a house overlooking Lake. Our realtors residents in the area will be happy to show you the main attractions and the possibilities offered by a holiday on Lake Como, suggesting such activities carried out during the holiday, indicating the best restaurants and of course making sure that you have the best holiday villa on Lake Como.